Sandy Desert

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Sandy Desert

Sandy Desert


MapRintel.png Rintel


Oasis.png Traveler's Refuge

Version: 0.6.3

The sandy desert biome can be found at the equator in Rintel. It is a vast expanse of sandy dunes that contains only occasional oases. The oases are home to various plants including Opuntia Cactuses and Flax Plants. There is even evidence that Pumpkins grow in the region. Although most of this biome lacks resources some oases are quite fertile and can contain enough Palm Trees and crops to support engineering.

The sandy desert is home to Traveler's Refuge, one of the wonders of the world.

Biome Information

Food and Crops

FlaxPlants.png Flax Plants

OpuntiaCactus.png Opuntia Cactus

Root.png Root


DeadBushes.png Dead Bushes

SandGrass.png Sandy Grass