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In every Medieval Engineer's life there comes the time when running through the woods to survive off berries is no longer sufficient. At this time, the engineer takes his first steps towards farming and making a sustainable method of getting food. The example below will demonstrate basic farming and growth cycles.

Version: 0.6.4

Basic Farming

1. After finding the perfect location to farm on or making your own by Voxel Terraforming, it is time to start actually farming.
Start by using a Hand Plow Hand Plow for tilling the land and it should look something similar to this:

2. Now that the land is tilled, it is time to pick which crops you wish to plant. You need to first turn the raw plants found in the wild into seed bags. After crafting the seed bags you want to plant in your inventory, add them to your toolbar and equip them. Aim at your plowed farmland and click the left mouse button to plant the seeds. It should now look similar to this:

To unlock the ability to craft seed bags, research  Crop Production. See the Economic quest branch for more information.

3. When first planted, crops are considered in their "Sapling" state and will move into their "Young" state before becoming fully grown. See the growth times chart. After all your hard effort and waiting, your crops will finally be full grown. They will look similar to this:

Congratulations! You should now have a full harvest of crops after waiting the full growth time of each crop as indicated in the chart.

If you grow weary after all those long hours of working the fields, it may be time to consider Mechanized Farming.

Growth Times

This table indicates the growth times of each available crop at their different stages in real-life time. The growth cycles follow one after another, so the next cycle does not start until after the first one in the process is complete. Crops can be harvested only in the "Grown" stage with the sole exception of  Herbs. Herbs can be picked in the "Young" stage to be used as  Wooden Sticks.

The stages are

  • Sapling
  • Young
  • Grown
  • Withered
Crop Sapling Young
 Pumpkin 1hr 1hr
 Cabbage 0.5hr 0.5hr
 Flax Straws 0.5hr 1hr
 Wheat Straws 0.5hr 1hr
 Herbs 0.5hr 0.5hr

Also all crops turn into their withered state after 27 hours after being at their fully grown state.


Hand Plows

Hand plows can be any of
 Copper Hand Plow
 Bronze Hand Plow
 Iron Hand Plow
 Steel Hand Plow