Mechanized Farming

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Version: 0.6

After spending long hours Simple Farming you may grow weary of all the manual labor. There are easier and better methods of farming if the right knowledge has been acquired. Mechanics.png Strings Attached is an advanced schematic within the Economic research branch. It unlocks a few new blocks to make farming easier: the PlowBlock.png Plow, the SeederBlock.png Seeder and the HarvesterBlock.png Harvester. These can be used along side the other blocks unlocked by Strings Attached to help make farming a lot easier.

Note:The growth time of crops are not effected by this method of farming and are still the same as listed on the growth times chart.

Mechanized Farming

After learning Simple Farming along with some Engineering there are endless possibilities for constructing mechanized farming equipment.

This is an example of stationary circular farming equipment with all three of the mechanized farming tools built onto it.


This device only needs to be pushed or pulled to use any of the devices. The PlowBlock.png Plow requires activation before use and the SeederBlock.png Seeder requires seeds be placed in its inventory. After deativating the PlowBlock.png Plow and filling the SeederBlock.png Seeder, the equipment can now be used to plant the crops.


When the crops are fully grown they should appear similar to the image below. See the growth times chart for more information about the growing times of crops.


Use the HarvesterBlock.png Harvester to collect all the crops. Which will result in the field needing to be plowed again. It's as simple as repeating the process to grow new crops with less work.