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House Configuration

The House Configuration screen is use to manage all house configuration and diplomacy. Houses in Medieval Engineers serve in the role of factions or teams. This joins multiple players together in a way that allows them to share permissions and identifies them in various ways in the game such as in Chat, the Banner Workstation and when using the World Map And Fast Travel. There are also diplomacy options for multiple factions. They can relate to each other as ally, neutral, or enemy. Houses can be accessed in-game by pressing Letter H.

This How-To page was originally written by CptTwinkie with help from Equinox and Dan2D3D. It will be helpful to note that the page was written from the perspective of CptTwinkie. Equinox and Dan2D3D moved between houses for purposes of demonstration. Used in much of the How-To are two houses called "Our House!" and "Their House" ("Their Hour" is a typo in "Their House"). Our House! represents your own house and, in the How-To, it is owned by CptTwinkie. Their house represents any house other then your own house for the purposes of diplomacy and administration.

Version: 0.6.3

House Basics

Get started with the basics. Join a house or create your own. Houses and related settings in Medieval Engineers are highly configurable but generally allow players to easily share access and group identity in the game.

Joining a House

Joining a house depends on the settings of the House. Members of the House may choose not to accept new members at all or approve them one at a time.

First, open Houses and choose a house to join. Click on the house and then the join button.

House 02Join 1choose.png

There are three things that might happen

  • The house doesn't accept new members
    You won't be able to apply to join the house. You will have to convince the house master to enable member applications before you can join.
  • The house requires approval for new members
    Members of the house will be notified that a new member wants to join the house. It is up to the members of the house with permission to approve member applications to approve or deny your request.
  • The house automatically accepts new members
    You instantly become a member of the house.

Creating a House

Creating a house is not any more difficult than joining one.

First, select the green tab on the left of Houses. This tab links to your house if you are in one. When you are not in a house, as in this example, it will show you that you are not in a house and it will give you the option to create one. Click the create button to create a new house.

Fill in the details page.

House 03Create 2details.png

House Tag (Required)
The House tag must be exactly 3 letters long.
House Name (Required)
The House name must be at least 5 characters long.
Public Info
Visible to everyone.
Message of the Day
Visible to members only.
Allow join requests
Allows players to join the house.
Auto-accept join requests
Automatically accepts requests from players to join the house without approval.

Once you click Ok, your house will be created and you will see it on the Houses list.

Accepting Members

Once you have a house, if you leave it open to applications, you'll eventually have someone apply to join:

Open the Houses list and click the green tab for your house.

House 04AcceptingMemberApplications 2OwnHouse.png

Click the members tab to see a list of members in your house. This list also includes applicants and is sorted by Rank.

House 04AcceptingMemberApplications 3Members.png

Click the applicant you want to approve or deny.

Click accept to accept the member into your house. Click deny to prevent the member from joining.

Your changes are shown on the member list. If you want to remove a member from the House at any time, you can select the member and click the kick button.

House Settings

Houses don't have any configuration options beyond what is available when they are created. These settings can be changed at any time by opening the Houses list, clicking the Your House tab and clicking edit.

Change the settings and click Ok

House 09EditHouse 2Details.png


Ranks provide for customization of permissions within a House. There are three Ranks by default when a House is created. These ranks each have a default set of permissions.

All permissions
Edit Message of the Day
Edit House Banner
Manage Diplomacy
Manage Applications (New Members)
Kick Members
No permissions

Creating A New Rank

To create a new Rank, select +Create new rank at the bottom of the members list and click Add Rank.

You will then be asked to give the Rank a name and choose the permissions that members of that Rank will have.

House 10CreateOrEditRank 2Details.png

Rank Name (Required)
The name of the rank, this is displayed in the members list.
Edit Name and Tag
Allows members with this rank to edit this House's name and tag.
Edit Public Info
Allows members with this rank to edit the public information.
Edit MotD
Allows members with this rank to edit the Message of the Day.
Edit Banner
Allows members with this rank to edit the House banner using the Banner Workstation.
Manage Diplomacy
Allows members with this rank to manage the diplomatic relationships for this House.
Manage Applications
Allows members with this rank to accept and reject applications.
Kick Members
Allows members with this rank to remove members from the House.
Promote Members
Allows members with this rank to promote and demote members.
Manage Ranks
Allows members with this rank to manage Ranks.

Your new rank will appear in the members list. New Ranks are added above the lowest rank, Member by default.

Editing Ranks

Click a Rank in the members list and click Edit Rank to change its settings. Click Ok to apply the new settings.

House 10CreateOrEditRank 1BEdit.png

Removing Ranks

Removing a Rank is the easiest action. Select the Rank in the Members list and click Remove Rank.

House 10CreateOrEditRank 4Remove.png

The lowest and highest ranks, Master and Member by default, cannot be removed. If you wish to change those Ranks then you may do so by editing them.


Promotions are how members are assigned to different Ranks. The founder of the house is automatically assigned to the Rank of Master. All other members are added to the Rank of Member when they are added to the House.

Click on a member in the members list and click Promote to change a member's Rank.

Select the new Rank and click Ok.

House 11Promotions 2Choose.png

The member will move under the new Rank in the members list.

House Diplomacy

Diplomacy Tab
Once you have two or more Houses in your world it begins to become obvious that some houses are friendlier than others. A House that cooperates well with yours may be considered an ally while a House that causes trouble for your House may be considered an enemy. There is a diplomacy system in place to formalize relationships between houses. These diplomatic relationships are reflected in other parts of the game such as Chat and the World Map And Fast Travel.

Creating an Alliance

If your house is getting along well with another house and you wish to officially work together you may wish to propose an alliance with that house.

Start by opening Houses, selecting the other house, and clicking the diplomacy tab. Here you will have options to Declare War or Propose Alliance. Choose Propose Alliance.

House 05CreateAlliance 2ProposeAlliance.png

You will now see that you are awaiting an alliance with this other House. You can cancel the proposal at any time by clicking Cancel Alliance Request.

Accept or Reject

The other house will now be able to accept or reject your proposal by opening the Houses list, clicking on your House, and clicking the diplomacy tab.

House 05CreateAlliance 5AOtherHouseAccept.pngHouse 05CreateAlliance 5BOtherHouseReject.png

Your allies will now appear in a blue color in the GUI and they will be able to fast travel through your lands to make cooperation easier.

Ending an Alliance

Alliances come and go sometimes. If you find that you wish to end an alliance it is simple enough.

Open your Houses list, select the other house and click the diplomacy tab. Click cancel alliance.

House 06EndAlliance 1Cancel.png

Your alliance is now over. The other house is returned to the neutral state.

Starting a War

Sometimes you just don't get along well with other houses and sometimes you need to do something about it. Declaring war on another house makes a clear statement that you are not going to cooperate with that house and violence may be an option.

Starting a war is easy. Open the Houses list, select the other house and click the diplomacy tab. Click the Declare War button.

House 07CreateEnemy 1DeclareWar.png

Ending a War

Stopping a war once it has begun is not so easy. It takes cooperation. The first step requires that one side or the other offers to stop fighting.

Open the Houses list, select the other house and click the diplomacy tab. Click Surrender to offer terms to the enemy.

House 08EndWar 1Surrender.png

Your status with the other House will change to Surrendering.

Mercy Considered

The other House will have the option to accept or reject your surrender.

Rejecting the surrender continues the war. Accepting the surrender ends the war so that you can begin picking up the remains of battle in peace.

House 08EndWar 4BRejectSurrender.pngHouse 08EndWar 4AAcceptSurrender.png

If the enemy decides to take mercy on your House the diplomatic status will return to Neutral.

House Administration

As the administrator of the world, or perhaps only as the Master of a House, it is sometimes necessary to force some changes to a House. Masters have complete control over their own Houses and world administrators can exert complete control over all Houses in the world.

Leaving House as Master

Anyone is free to leave a House at any time except the Master. This is normally achieved by opening the Houses list, clicking Your House and clicking Leave house. If you are the last member of a House, the house is destroyed by this action.

If you are the Master and there are other members remaining in the House, you will not be able to do this.

House 12MasterLeaving 3MasterCan'tLeave.png

The solution to this is simple. Promote one of the other members to Master.

There can only be one Master so you will be demoted.

Once you are no longer the Master, you can try to leave again.

Promoting in Other Houses - ADMIN ONLY

Administrators have the ability to promote members in any House. This is quite simple to accomplish.

Enable creative tools (administrator mode) in the Medieval Master panel by pressing Alt+Function 10*, and then clicking the Enable Creative Mode Tools checkbox.

House 13AdminPromotion 1MedievalMaster.png

*Note: The Medieval Master panel is only available to admins and moderators.

  • Open the Houses list
  • Choose the House with the member you want to promote
  • Click on the members list tab
  • Choose the member you wish to promote
  • Click the promote button
  • Select the new Rank
  • Click Ok

House 12MasterLeaving 4PromoteOther.png

The member will be moved to the new Rank in the members list.

Removing Other Houses - ADMIN ONLY

Sometimes Houses are abandoned. This can happen when players stop returning to the world but they don't clean up before they leave. This can leave a list of inactive Houses in the list and it may become necessary to remove some of them from time to time. To remove a House, the administrator must take over the house and become its new Master. This is for two reasons, you will need to remove any other members remaining in the House - the Master can always do that even if settings must be adjusted to achieve it - and you will need to leave the House when you are the last member so that it is destroyed.

Open the Medieval Master screen using Alt+Function 10 and enable Creative Mode Tools (admin mode) to get started.

Leave your house if you are in one. See Leaving House as Master for details.

Join the other House that you wish to remove.

You will be immediately added to the House as a member no matter what the House configuration is set to. This only happens in admin mode.

Select yourself in the members list and promote yourself to Master.

You will see that you are now master of the House in the members list.

You can now kick all remaining members and then leave the House.