Humble Beginnings

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Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Type of Quest


Items Unlocked

Pass: QuestBook Quest Thumbnail Square.png Settling Down
Fail: MetalTools.png Basic Engineering

Quest Steps

Step 1

Welcome to the tutorial, engineer!

Press "Letter J" to view the Quest Journal, where you can view and manage quests.

Right now you have only your empty hands. Gather some resources to make a stone axe! Press "Letter F" to pick things up.

• Obtain 3x Sticks (0/3)
• Obtain 1x Small Stone (0/1)

Step 2

It's time to craft a stone axe.

Press "Letter I" to open your personal inventory and crafting screen. Crafting is on the left. Inventory is on the right.

• Craft 1x Stone Axe (0/1)

Step 3

Time to find a spot for your camp. Building near an ore deposit is more convenient.

Follow the pickaxe marker on the compass at the top center of your screen.

• Find the marked ore vein

Step 4

You'll need wood to get started. Equip your axe and use "Left Mouse Button" to chop down a tree. Be careful, falling trees are dangerous.

Cut the fallen tree into logs. Press "Letter F" to pick them up.

• Equip Stone Axe
• Obtain 2x Log (0/2)

Step 5

Access your crafting screen. ("Letter I")

• Craft 1x Crafting Table (0/1)

Step 6

Equip a crafting table on your toolbar.

Use the controls below to position it and "Left Mouse Button" to place it.

"Letter Q" or "Letter E" to rotate. "Letter R" or "Shift+Letter R" to roll to the right or left. "Letter Y" or "Shift+Letter Y" to roll away or toward.

Use "Control+Mouse Wheel Up" and "Control+Mouse Wheel Down" to change the distance.

• Place 1x Crafting Table (0/1)