Settling Down

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Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

QuestBook Quest Thumbnail Square.png Humble Beginnings

Type of Quest


Items Unlocked

Pass: QuestBook Quest Thumbnail Square.png Spring Cleaning
Fail: MetalTools.png Basic Engineering

Quest Steps

Step 1

Gather wood to craft a bed. You will be able to respawn there when you die.

• Obtain 1x Log (0/1)

Step 2

Press "Letter F" while aiming at a Crafting Table to access its inventory.

Move a log to the crafting inventory to enable the Timber crafting recipe.

• Craft 2x Timber (0/2)

Step 3

Block Variants: The timber icon has a "+" symbol in the corner of its icon. This means it has variants. You can change variants while a timber is equipped by using "Mouse Wheel Down" and "Mouse Wheel Up".

You can also use timbers as crafting ingredients.

Access the Crafting Table again ("Letter F") and use the timbers to complete your task.

• Craft 1x Bed (0/1)

Step 4

Move the bed to your personal inventory so that you can equip it.

If you make a mistake when you place the bed you can aim at it and hold down "Letter F" to pick it up again.

• Place 1x Bed (0/1)

Step 5

You must claim the bed as your own to respawn there. You can only have one bed at a time.

Press "Letter F" while aiming at the bed to claim it.

• Claim bed