Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning
Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

QuestBook Quest Thumbnail Square.png Settling Down

Type of Quest


Items Unlocked

Pass: QuestBook Quest Thumbnail Square.png A Brighter Tomorrow
Fail: MetalTools.png Basic Engineering

Quest Steps

Step 1

You will want to craft a Small Chest to keep your camp organized.

• Craft 11x Timber (0/11)

Step 2

Small Chests can be crafted at Crafting Tables.

• Craft 1x Small Chest (0/1)

Step 3

Chests are versatile because they can store many kinds of items. This differs from the larger stockpiles that allow only a single item type to be stored.

• Place 1x Small Chest (0/1)

Step 4

You will not be able to store Timbers in chests. You will need to craft a stockpile specifically for Timbers.

• Craft 1x Small Stockpile for Lumber (0/1)

Step 5

Store your remaining timbers in the Small Stockpile for Lumber. The timbers will be visible inside of the block.

• Place 1x Small Stockpile for Lumber (0/1)

Step 6

Crafting is great for small blocks but now it's time to build a large block! Start with a single support block.

You will need to craft a Mallet to construct it.

• Craft 1x Mallet (0/1)

Step 7

Press "Letter G" to open the General Search. This screen is where you can find blocks and add them to your toolbar.

Add the support to your toolbar by dragging the icon there or using "Right Mouse Button". Equip the Support and place it somewhere ideal to start building a house.

• Place 1x Support (0/1)

Step 8

This is a construction stage where components can be added to complete the block.

Add the mallet to your toolbar, from your inventory or the General Search, and equip it. Aim at the Support and use "Left Mouse Button" to build it.

• Build 1x Support (0/1)