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2018-04-11 0.6.3 Update

All data has been updated to 0.6.3. Template:Stat Effects has been updated to reflect the new stats system. Enjoy the update :D ~CptTwinkie

2018-02-02 Update Complete

I've finished copying the export data. The wiki is now (mostly) up to date for 0.6. There may be some categories that need to be touched up. I plan to go through all of them one last time today. Blocks, block groups, items, quests, and schematics are all up to date. Everything is now fair game for descriptions and improvements. ~CptTwinkie

2018-01-05 Preparations Complete (mostly)

Twenty Eighteen...that phrase will take a while to get used to. I have written a rather large news post and changelog so I'm making use of that nice expandable template I worked out. There have been a lot of organizational changes lately but no content. As far as I can tell, I've reached the end of 0.6 organization and I'm ready to move on to data exporting. Hopefully I'll be flooding the wiki with data updates soon. ~CptTwinkie

Change Log

2018-01-03 Happy New Year!

Progress continues on the 0.6 preparations!

  • I updated the wiki style a little bit for the default theme and the templates. It's a collection of subtle changes but I like it.
  • Template:Draft was added because it finally seems like we're at a point where many articles are incomplete but others are functionally complete. That seems a good fit for the standard wiki use of draft and stub.
  • I'm working on a guide in my free time that gives some documentation to the game saves. I'm working on annotating save files for those who are interested.
  • There is the new Key template which provides key graphics. You can use that when you're talking about shortcut keys.
  • The Tag template got a 0.6 update and new categories for the new tags.
  • Template:Expandable created. This basically lets you add forum style spoiler sections that can be expanded or collapsed.

My next task is to come up with some organization for the new research system. I'll probably be adding templates for quests and updating the schematics template. Hopefully I'll complete that by the end of the week and then I'll only have a few minor tasks to finish up before I can begin working on exporting data. I have to do a little bit of code research before I get started but hopefully I'll be able to export a lot more than in 0.5.

The things I know for certain I won't be exporting are planet and environment data. This means all information about kingdoms, biomes, wonders and flora will be manual entry. If anyone wants to lend a hand, the planets category is a good place to start. The Engineer's Book category also needs content. Get as detailed as you want there but stop short of adding actual quests/research. I'll be exporting as much of that information as possible. There will likely be a quest category with a research quests sub-category that can be linked to for that information.

It looks like I'm going to be keeping busy for some time to come. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Happy New Year 2018! ~CptTwinkie

2017-12-21 0.6 Progress and Plan

Welcome to 0.6 everyone! I'm hard at work on updates! ~CptTwinkie


Added templates for game versions, info boxes, kingdoms, biomes, wonders, and mechanical blocks.

Template Progress Documentation
Template:Version Complete Complete
Template:Infobox Complete Complete
Template:Kingdom Complete Complete
Template:Biome Complete Complete
Template:Wonder Complete Complete
Template:MechanicalSource Complete Complete
Template:MechanicalTransmission Complete Complete
Template:MechanicalSink Complete Complete
Template:MechanicalToolhead Complete Complete

Archived old planet pages and organized biomes, kingdoms kingdoms, and wonders into sub-categories of planet. It is probably worth pointing out that I plan to archive 0.5 content rather than keeping it as history. This will allow us to update or even expand the 0.5 content. This will benefit players who still want to play on the archived game branches for whatever reason. If any of you want to update a page for 0.6, move the current 0.5 page to a /0.5 sub-page and recreate the main page.

Please start updating planet. I'm pretty sure I have pages ready for everything there. They just need to be filled in.

Added Power Sinks, Power Sources, and Transmissions to the Mechanical Blocks category.

Don't forget version numbers. If you are creating a 0.6 page, make sure there is no old information on the page and then add a version template for 0.6. This may mean that you have to remove some large portions of the page. That is ok, even if you are simply unsure of the accuracy of the information it is better to remove it. If you want to add the information later after it is checked or updated then you can wrap it in a comment tag <!-- --> so that it is not visible on the page but will still be in the source for editors.


My plan is to:

  1. prepare and organize as much as possible for 0.6. This may take a few weeks.
  2. export data from the game. This is difficult to estimate because I have to pull data in a logical way from many parts of the game. This could take a few days or weeks or even more than a month. I'll try to post updates during this process.
  3. improve the quality and completeness of existing content and generate new content to achieve a higher level of completeness for the wiki overall. This could theoretically take months but in all honesty I will probably only work on it when I have some free time in my schedule.

Note about biomes and flora

Biome information will not be exported from the game. The reason is that there are not 7 biomes in the game, there are very many. There are transition biomes for each biome pair. Forest has grassy forest and deep forest sub-biomes. There are a lot of biomes defined so exporting them in a meaningful way for the wiki would be difficult in every circumstance. Instead, biome information should be interpreted from game definitions to logically fit into the 7 primary biomes. Sub-biomes should be treated as part of the primary and transitional biomes should be mostly ignored. That sounds simple but if you dig into the environment definitions you will quickly see that there is quite a lot of variety in every aspect of biomes. For an example, even simple plants have multiple sizes and growth stages. There will be quite a bit of manual information sourcing for these things.

2017-10-06 More Silence

Hi everyone. Sorry, I'm still not updating the news. I know there has been a lot of activity here but I've been busy on a number of other projects. I have the game fully exporting all blocks and block groups for the wiki (block groups are not available yet in the public build). Spend a minute exporting, copy/paste into the wiki and the blocks are done. IT'S FANTASTIC! I have plans for exporting many other things from the game, a great deal of the hard work is already done for that, I just need the time to finish it.

While I've been busy some of you have been contributing. There are new modding guides, information about controls, items, tools and weapons, voxel hands, treasure maps, farming, building, structural integrity, and probably a few I'm missing. It's been a great month for the wiki. I've been trying to review new submissions when I can. In some cases they have to wait until the weekend but I'm caught up for now.

Unfortunately, I'm still not able to return to daily updates for the wiki but I'm always available on the Keen Software House Discord Server. Jump into the #wiki channel to discus all things medieval and wiki. ~CptTwinkie

2017-08-27 Silence

Hi everyone. Sorry I've gone silent for so long. I know there has been some activity here while I've been gone and I'll write updates for all of it eventually. I'm not able to do daily updates right now because I'm spending my wiki-time on a project that should help with collecting information from the game. The first stage is almost complete and starting to produce reliable results. Just a little longer. ~CptTwinkie

2017-08-10 Thumbnails

I added a new template for page thumbnails. This allows for cleaner code and changing the format of all thumbnails at the same time. ~CptTwinkie



2017-08-09 Claim Blocks

Thanks to a very complete contribution we now have pages for the claim blocks and taxes. ~CptTwinkie

ClaimBlock.png Claim Block
ClaimBlockWood.png Wooden Claim Block

2017-08-08 Flaming Seeds

Some minor updates to the seeds pages. I wrote a general seedbag description on the category page and transcluded it to the individual seedbag pages as something of a summary. I also added the inventory information. The torch page has been updated as well. ~CptTwinkie

ME LOGO WIKI.png Category:Tools and Weapons/Seedbags
Seeds Herbs.png Herbal Plants Seeds
Seeds WheatStraws.png Wheat Seeds
Seeds Flax.png Flax Seeds‎
Seeds Cabbage.png Cabbage Seeds
Seeds Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Seeds‎
Torch0.5.png Torch

2017-08-05 Templates


2017-08-01 Banners and MANY Small Blocks

Loads more community contributions to finish these pages. Things are moving nicely :D ~CptTwinkie

Bandage.png Bandage‎ WoodBed.png Bed‎ Bookshelf.png Bookshelf‎
CatapultHead.png Catapult Bucket‎ CatchBlockSmall.png Catch Block‎ WoodTable.png Crafting Table‎
WoodenDiningTable.png Dining Table‎ FlaxBundle.png Flax Straws‎ TurnCrossSmall.png Hand Crank Wheel‎
HarvesterBlock.png Harvester‎ Herbs.png Herbs‎ FlagRed10x10.png House Flag‎
LandscapingStake0.5.png Landscape Stake‎ WoodChestLarge.png Large Chest‎ BannerRed.png Large House Banner‎
BannerBlue.png Large Personal Banner‎ LinenString.png Linen String‎ LockableDrum.png Lockable Rope Drum‎
LockCatchBlock.png Locking Catch Block‎ Log250cm.png Log‎ BannerRed.png Medium House Banner‎
BannerBlue.png Medium Personal Banner‎ Flag10x10.png Personal Flag‎ PlowBlock.png Plow‎
DrawingBoard.png Research Table‎ RopeDrumAloneSmall.png Rope Drum‎ RopePowerSmall.png Rope Torsion Spring‎
ScrapWoodBranches.png Scrap Wood Branches‎ SeederBlock.png Seeder‎ WoodenShelf.png Shelf‎
SimpleTable.png Simple Table‎ WoodChest.png Small Chest‎ BannerRed.png Small House Banner‎
BannerBlue.png Small Personal Banner‎ StockpileLogSmall.png Small Stockpile for Logs‎ StockpileIronSmall.png Small Stockpile for Ores‎
StockpileTimberSmall.png Small Stockpile for Timbers‎ SpinningWheel.png Spinning Wheel‎ Timber.png Timber‎
No.png Torch‎ Wardrobe.png Wardrobe‎ WeaponRack.png Weapon Rack‎
WheatStraws.png Wheat Straws‎ WheelMediumSmall.png Wheel‎ WindMillBlade.png Wind Mill Blade‎
WoodBarrel.png Wooden Barrel‎ WoodenMallet0.5.png Wooden Mallet‎ WoodenShovel0.5.png Wooden Shovel‎
WoodenStick.png Wooden Sticks‎ House Half Timber Wall.png Wooden Wall‎

2017-08-01 Resources, Battlements, Machicolations

Some nice community contributions to finish these pages including a new block group Category:Block_Group/Machicolations. ~CptTwinkie

Log250cm.png Log‎ WoodenStick.png Wooden Sticks‎ Timber.png Timber‎
StoneOre.png Small Stone‎ StoneLarge.png Large Stone‎ MetalParts.png Metal Parts‎
IronOreIcon.png Iron Ore‎ IngotIron.png Iron Ingot‎ Battlements.png Battlements‎
LinenString.png Linen String‎ MachicolationCornerOut.png Machicolation Inner Corner‎ MachicolationCornerIn.png Machicolation Outer Corner‎
MachicolationStraight.png Machicolation‎ StoneBattlement1Round.png Small Round Ledge Battlement‎ StoneBattlementRoundLargeCenter.png Large Round Ledge Battlement‎
StoneBattlementRoundSmall.png Small Round Battlement‎ StoneBattlementRoundLargeSide.png Large Round Battlement‎ SmallRoundLedgePlatform.png Small Round Ledge Platform‎
LargeRoundLedgePlatform.png Large Round Ledge Platform‎ LargeRoundWallRightWindow.png Large Round Wall, Left Window‎

2017-07-31 More Tools and Some Large Blocks

There are some more contributions from the community today. ~CptTwinkie

WalkWayStairs.png Small Stairs, Left‎ WalkWayStairsMir.png Small Stairs, Right‎ WalkWayAngleInv.png Wall-Walk Outer Corner‎
WalkWayStraight.png Wall-Walk‎ WalkWayAngle.png Wall-Walk Inner Corner‎ WalkWayDiagonalAngle.png Diagonal Wall-Walk Corner‎
WalkWayDiagonal.png Diagonal Wall-Walk‎ WalkWayLargeRound.png Large Round Wall-Walk‎ StoneWallRoundLargeWindow.png Large Round Wall, Right Window‎
LargeSlopeVertical.png Large Vertical Slope‎ LargeSlopeRBattlement.png Large Slope, Right Battlement‎ StoneSlopeLong.png Large Slope, Left Battlement‎
LargeSlopeBattlements.png Large Slope, Double Battlement‎ LargeSlope.png Large Slope‎ Stockpile Timber0.6.png Large Stockpile for Timbers
WheatStraws.png Wheat Straws‎ WoodenShovel0.5.png Wooden Shovel‎ IronAxe.png Iron Axe‎
StoneAxe0.5.png Stone Axe‎ WoodenMallet0.5.png Wooden Mallet‎ HammerOneHand Construction.png Iron Hammer‎

2017-07-29 Weekend Warriors

There were some user contributions today and I took the opportunity to re-categorize some pages. ~CptTwinkie

User Contributions
LinenString.png Linen String
IronPickaxe.png Pickaxe
Updated Templates
Template:Inventory Item
New Category

ME LOGO WIKI.png Category:Inventory/Items

2017-07-28 Finished Tags

I finished up the tag categories today. I ran into a little trouble with the iron tag being used in the shelf inventory so I did a little work there to figure out how that works. Inventory whitelists are going to be kind of complicated because sometimes they use tags, sometimes they use block types, and sometimes they use type and subtype. ~CptTwinkie

New Categories
Category:tag Category:tag/Berry Category:tag/Dish
Category:tag/Flag Category:tag/Harvest Category:tag/Ingot
Category:tag/IngotIron Category:tag/Meat Category:tag/Ore
Category:tag/OreIron Category:tag/ProjectileCatapult Category:tag/Rope
Category:tag/Timber Category:tag/Torch
New Template
Updated Page
WoodenShelf.png Shelf

2017-07-27 Deer Head On a Plaque, Templates, and Tags

We got some user contributions today. One of them was a complete page! I added templates and categories for item tags. All of the items still need to have the tags added but I did WoodenStick.png Wooden Sticks and ScrapWoodBranches.png Scrap Wood Branches to test the template. ~CptTwinkie

New Page
DeerPlaque.png Deer Head On a Plaque
New Templates
ME LOGO WIKI.png Template:Tag
ME LOGO WIKI.png Template:Tag/Category
New Categories
Category:tag Category:tag/ScrapWood Category:tag/Ore
Category:tag/OreIron Category:tag/Ingot Category:tag/IngotIron
Category:tag/Meat Category:tag/Berry Category:tag/Timber
Category:tag/ProjectileCatapult Category:tag/Torch Category:tag/Flag
Category:tag/Harvest Category:tag/Dish Category:tag/Rope

2017-07-21 Templates, Missing Images,

Fixed the templates appearing in categories, cleared Category:Missing_images and Category:Missing_information. ~CptTwinkie

Added Missing Images

TurnCrossSmall.png Hand Crank Wheel IronShovel.png Iron Shovel LandscapingStake0.5.png Landscape Stake
PlowBlock.png Plow DrawingBoard.png Research Table RopePowerSmall.png Rope Torsion Spring
SeederBlock.png Seeder SpinningWheel.png Spinning Wheel Wardrobe.png Wardrobe
WheelMediumSmall.png Wheel WindMillBlade.png Wind Mill Blade WoodenShovel0.5.png Wooden Shovel

Added Missing Information

MillStone Small.png Mill Stone MetalParts.png Metal Parts ClayFurnace.png Furnace
Smithy.png Smithy WoodTable.png Crafting Table

2017-07-20 New Thatch Roof Blocks Added

Seven new thatch roof blocks were added in this week's update. ~CptTwinkie

ME LOGO WIKI.png Category:Block Group/Thatch Roofs

Category:Block Group/Thatch Roof Tops

2017-07-19 Food and Templates

I went on a bit of a marathon today that started with the food pages and didn't end until I'd updated nearly every template in the wiki. ~CptTwinkie

New Templates
Created from scratch to fill the needs of the food articles and anywhere else they will work.
Template:No Image Template:Crafting Ingredient/0.5
Renamed and repurposed templates
The Template:Consumable Food didn't really meet the needs of the food. The two tool templates had to be reworked for the new tool system. It really is simpler than before and only requires one template.
Template:Stat Effects/0.5 Template:Tool
Templates with Added Categories
This started with a desire to cut down on the number of categories on each article and ended with adding parser functions to hide/show things conditionally. All template variables that default to information missing will now add Catagory:Missing_information tags when they have no data entered. Again, this cuts down on the number of category tags on articles.
Template:No Image Template:Block Template:Casting
Template:Casting/From Template:Casting/To Template:Fuel
Template:Crafting Block Template:Crafting Blueprint Template:Crafting Ingredient/0.5
Template:Crafting Schematic/0.5 Template:Inventory Template:Inventory Item
Template:Resource/0.5 Template:Stat Effects/0.5 Template:Tool
Pages Updated
Finally, we get to the content. I went through the food using the new templates and managed to fill the stubs.
Bandage.png Bandage CabbageHead.png Cabbage Dish GrannysPlentys.png Goulash
Herbs.png Herbs Meat.png Meat Dish MushroomSoup0.5.png Mushroom Soup
Mushrooms.png Mushrooms Pumpkin.png Pumpkin MeatRoasted.png Roast Meat
WoodenRoots.png Roots Dish RuthsRoots.png Roots with Shrooms Dish VeggieReggie.png Salad
Dish Shroomsteak.png Shroom Steak

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